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Tours by Locals Promo Video

Recent Portfolios

  • Homestead
    Nestled 45 minutes outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada is Campbell Valley Regional Park. We wanted to showcase this beautiful park with its heritage farmhouse, former race track and amazing trails.
    Points West Commercial Truck Centre
    A Profile Video of Points West Commercial Truck Centre located in Langley, BC, one of Western Canada's largest commercial trucking dealerships.
    Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice
    A video to orient and recruit physicians to the Ridge Meadows area of the Greater Vancouver area.
    Jodi Pederson - Peak Performance Contest
    Music video made created with local music artist Jodi Pederson for the Peak Performance Radio Station Contest.
  • Desertion Teaser Trailer
    The teaser trailer for the short film Desertion, about a young soldier's struggle with the pretexts & morality of war in the 21st Century - dedicated to veterans who have spoken out in opposition to war.
    The Country Club TV Series Teaser Trailer
    A trailer for the new tv series "The Country Club". This was an entry in CBC's ComedyCoup competition.
    Tours by Locals Promo Video
    Promotional video created for Tours By Locals - Take a private tour with a knowledgeable local person as your tour guide worldwide!
    Student Works Painting Training Video
    Training Video for 'Student Work's Painting' Providing a Valuable Resource to New Franchise Owners Across Canada